Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pre Op!!

Well today i had my pre admission appointment at Sydney Hospital. I had my dad come with me so he could watch J whilst i went in. (Thanks dad) We had to leave early because of all the morning traffic. Anyways we got there about 50min early. Better to be early than late i say :) I wasn't sure if we would get a park so dad would have just dropped me off if that was the case. I knew there would be a car park but was hoping it wouldn't be expensive. We get to the car park and drive in expecting the parking fees to be about $20 for up to four hours but instead i see- are you ready for this!!! $7 for half an hour - $18 for 1 hour - $36 for 2 and get this - $60 friggen dollars for 3 hours or more!! What a bloody rip off.... So i drove straight back out the exit gate. There was no way in hell i was going to pay that kind of money. I knew id be there a little while and i couldn't afford that!! Or even if i could i WOULD NOT pay that much for parking. Luckily as soon as i drove out i fluked one right out the front in a 4hr meter pay car space. Only $6 per hour.. So i put in $18 just to be safe. I went to my appointment and dad took J to the park. They even got a glimpse of the big cruise ship that hit Sydney Harbour this morning. Dad said it was HUGE.  I get to my appointment and they send me down for an xray. The radiologist asks me how long ive had the screw in my wrist. I tell him 10years and he says OMG it looks like its fallen apart!! WHAT!! Gee no wonder why my wrist hurts so much. Anyhow back up to the appointment i go. She checks my heart goes through my story of how my hand hurt etc.  I say i have two boys 1 1/2 and 10yrs . She then asks about previous surgerys i had and i mention my 2 c sections . One in 07 and the other 09. She then clicks on that one of my children must have died. Just what i wanted. Having to tell Skyla's story. I could see her eyes had tears in them. I was keeping it together until she put her hand on my leg and says I'm sorry. It must be so hard!! :( I hate having to tell her story. Its too hard. Back to my hand - OK its then decided they send me back down for a CT scan on my hand. I also have this little ball type thingy in my thumb so he asks for an xray on that too. Before they sent me back down they discussed the plan for Monday. I have to be there 7am. They will take the old screw out and put a new one in. I may need a bone graft from my hip but first they will see if they can get a graft from another part in my wrist. If not they might try from the top side of my wrist and leave the hip as last resort.. Not looking forward to this one little bit :(  I'm a bit scared now. LOL I want it done. Ive waited over a year to have it done but am getting nervous now. Hopefully all will work out fine. I guess ill find out Monday morning. Oh i forgot to mention that all the interns etc or whatever you call them are all very interested in my case and they are all fighting over who's gonna be in there as my case is so interesting to them. I think this is a bad thing!! A little nervous now. I got my wrist first operated on in 2001. It was a scaphoid fracture and get this. It has never healed. My bones should be together but they are still separated very badly so in other words the first op didn't work and i still have a fractured wrist 10yrs later. Hopefully this time it will work. Well wish me luck!! Monday is D Day!!

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