Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding The Perfect Name :)

Well today i was thinking that when i start making things with my sewing machine (if i can ever afford to get it out of lay by, LOL)  i would need to come up with a name for my tags. I come up with a couple of names but thought id ask my friends on FB for some ideas. They came up with so many wonderful names. I wanted my daughters name in it. Her name was Skyla. This is like my way of keeping her memory alive. And everyone will get to see and know her name.  Skyla passed away in 2008 at 8mths of age. She is and will always be my hero.

Here are a few of my favourites
  • Skyla's Dream
  • Love Skyla
  • Skyla's Rainbow
  • Skyla's Butterfly kisses
  • ^SKYLA^
  • Skyla Kisses
  • Skyla wishes
  • On Angel Wings Come Precious Things
  • Skyla's Starlight
  • Skyla Manawa
  • Skyla's Spirit
As you can see they come up with lots of different names for my tag. I was thinking how would i choose in the end so thought id have a vote. I was leaning towards "Love Skyla" but as i was going through all the names tonight i started writing them all down when all of a sudden the perfect name came to me. It is so perfect!!

"Inspired By SKYLA"

Let me know what you think???

Now just gotta come up with a design for the tag. My lovely friend Kate all the way from America is gonna help me to design it. I cant wait to see what you come up with hun, xxx

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