Friday, February 4, 2011

New teacher and soccer registration

Well today B finally got put into his Year 6 class. He didnt end up getting the teacher he wanted but he did get his 2nd favourite. The best thing about this is that he has pretty much all his mates in his class. Although this may end up being a bad thing. They might just muck up in class. We will soon see anyway.

In the morning we are off to soccer registration with Rockdale City Suns. I am glad he is playing soccer again this year but the amount of money we have to pay for soccer registration is huge. (A$220) Last year it was ($180) I have to admit they do get alot for it though. It just comes at a bad time with school starting, text books, fees etc. Thankfully B's dad is paying half of rego. With rego they get uniform, jumper, spray jacket, something else but cant think of what it is and includes photos. Oh and they get a training session with some professionals or something so its pretty good i guess. Just alot of money all at once!


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