Saturday, April 16, 2011

My First Creation :)

Well i finally got my new sewing machine and i love it!! I decided my first creation i was going to attempt to make a little monster softy for my little monster at home :) It turned out pretty well considering i think the last time i used a sewing machine i was probably about 14yrs old. I love it!! Master J loves it too. Not bad for my first go.

I also saw a butterfly clip on my friends FB page and attempted to make one. I put the clip on the wrong way but it still looks good. Hehehe.

I have also been trying to make a few more hair clips. Here are a couple of the ones i made over the weekend but most are ones i made before.

I don't really have a spot for my crafts and sewing machine. I was using my dining table but i decided i wanted another space to do it on so i set up another table in my dining room. Lucky i have a bit of space. Don't mind the Xmas tablecloth. It was all i could find. Now i have a nice little craft table to work at :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A 3D Butterfly Heart

Made this 3D Butterfly pic tonight. Put the flower one on top for size difference. I love the heart shape. I know its not centred but i am working one handed at the moment dont forget. I think i like how they are in the heart shape. You could even put little ones name in the middle or something. Just an idea anyways. Trying different things. Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3D Flower Frame

I made this Little 3D flower picture tonight with one hand and a little help from master B!! Got the idea from another blog but sorry i cant remember where i seen it. Plan on making a butterfly one too. Hope you like it!!!
Sorry its not a very good picture

BLINGING my cast!!

Today i got my full cast. It was either blue or white and white gets too dirty too easily so went with the blue one. Smurf blue they call it. Didnt want to leave it plain so i decided to add some BLING!! You like?????

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pain Pain and some more pain

Had my wrist operation last monday. I was lucky 1st on the list. They told me my op would take about 1 hr but ended up taking between 2 and 3hrs. They ended up taking out the screw and puting a new one in. Instead of doing the bone graft from my hip they ended up taking it from my radius bone on same wrist and as you can imagine it is very sore. I stayed in over night I have been in so much pain and still am 7days later. I go back in on tuesday to have an xray and get my half cast replaced by a full cast. I will be paying extra so that i can have a waterproof cast and get to see where and how they have cut me. I think they charge about $50 for waterproof cast. I am already feeling squirmish about seeing it. I hope i dont pass out, lol. I guess ill find out more on tuesday :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Beautiful Poem

Found this poem on a friends page on Facebook and just had to share........

"A butterfly came floating by and I thought I knew its face. It landed on my shoulder and spread its wings of lace. I looked and saw it smiling and as it winked and flew away, I'm sure I heard it whisper we WILL meet again one day." Unknown

I like to think of Skyla as a butterfly too. She has a beautiful butterfly headstone, we released butterflies at her funeral too. Since she passed we have had many butterfly encounters, xxx

Finding The Perfect Name :)

Well today i was thinking that when i start making things with my sewing machine (if i can ever afford to get it out of lay by, LOL)  i would need to come up with a name for my tags. I come up with a couple of names but thought id ask my friends on FB for some ideas. They came up with so many wonderful names. I wanted my daughters name in it. Her name was Skyla. This is like my way of keeping her memory alive. And everyone will get to see and know her name.  Skyla passed away in 2008 at 8mths of age. She is and will always be my hero.

Here are a few of my favourites
  • Skyla's Dream
  • Love Skyla
  • Skyla's Rainbow
  • Skyla's Butterfly kisses
  • ^SKYLA^
  • Skyla Kisses
  • Skyla wishes
  • On Angel Wings Come Precious Things
  • Skyla's Starlight
  • Skyla Manawa
  • Skyla's Spirit
As you can see they come up with lots of different names for my tag. I was thinking how would i choose in the end so thought id have a vote. I was leaning towards "Love Skyla" but as i was going through all the names tonight i started writing them all down when all of a sudden the perfect name came to me. It is so perfect!!

"Inspired By SKYLA"

Let me know what you think???

Now just gotta come up with a design for the tag. My lovely friend Kate all the way from America is gonna help me to design it. I cant wait to see what you come up with hun, xxx