Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pain Pain and some more pain

Had my wrist operation last monday. I was lucky 1st on the list. They told me my op would take about 1 hr but ended up taking between 2 and 3hrs. They ended up taking out the screw and puting a new one in. Instead of doing the bone graft from my hip they ended up taking it from my radius bone on same wrist and as you can imagine it is very sore. I stayed in over night I have been in so much pain and still am 7days later. I go back in on tuesday to have an xray and get my half cast replaced by a full cast. I will be paying extra so that i can have a waterproof cast and get to see where and how they have cut me. I think they charge about $50 for waterproof cast. I am already feeling squirmish about seeing it. I hope i dont pass out, lol. I guess ill find out more on tuesday :)

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