Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hair clips and head bands i have made

Just started making these. Maybe ill make lots and might sell them at a fete or something. Not sure what im going to do yet but having fun making them. Hope you like them

Blogging Again

Well here i am back to blogging again. Not much happening so you might find this all very boring but anyways, here i am. This year i have decided i want to learn to sew. I have been inspired by my cousin's wife Sarah. She is into sewing too and is amazing. I cant wait to learn from her. I have put a sewing machine on lay by and cant wait to get it out but Unfortunately i will be having a operation on my wrist at the end of this month so i wont be able to learn for a couple of months. In the mean time i have been making some hair clips, head bands and bows for little girls. I have also ordered some tulle rolls from America for a little project i have in mind. I'm hoping they come in the next week so i can get started on them before my operation. Here's hoping, stay tuned for that!

Last year i was into cake decorating. I haven't done any courses or anything, just learning from you tube videos and books. I would love to continue down this path too and do some courses etc but I'm thinking my wrist will prevent me from that happening. It is painful trying to need and roll out the fondant. Once my wrist heals i will definitely try and get back into it again. I will post some pics of my cakes I've made soon. They aren't the greatest but not bad for a beginner, lol.

My eldest boy Mr B started yr 6 today. I cant believe he will be starting high school next year. Where did the time go??? My little boy J will be turning 2 this year. Time just flies these days. I cant keep up. My little girl Skyla would have been in heaven for 3yrs in June. Its so hard without her and i miss her so much. My little girl is my hero!