Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Beautiful Poem

Found this poem on a friends page on Facebook and just had to share........

"A butterfly came floating by and I thought I knew its face. It landed on my shoulder and spread its wings of lace. I looked and saw it smiling and as it winked and flew away, I'm sure I heard it whisper we WILL meet again one day." Unknown

I like to think of Skyla as a butterfly too. She has a beautiful butterfly headstone, we released butterflies at her funeral too. Since she passed we have had many butterfly encounters, xxx

Finding The Perfect Name :)

Well today i was thinking that when i start making things with my sewing machine (if i can ever afford to get it out of lay by, LOL)  i would need to come up with a name for my tags. I come up with a couple of names but thought id ask my friends on FB for some ideas. They came up with so many wonderful names. I wanted my daughters name in it. Her name was Skyla. This is like my way of keeping her memory alive. And everyone will get to see and know her name.  Skyla passed away in 2008 at 8mths of age. She is and will always be my hero.

Here are a few of my favourites
  • Skyla's Dream
  • Love Skyla
  • Skyla's Rainbow
  • Skyla's Butterfly kisses
  • ^SKYLA^
  • Skyla Kisses
  • Skyla wishes
  • On Angel Wings Come Precious Things
  • Skyla's Starlight
  • Skyla Manawa
  • Skyla's Spirit
As you can see they come up with lots of different names for my tag. I was thinking how would i choose in the end so thought id have a vote. I was leaning towards "Love Skyla" but as i was going through all the names tonight i started writing them all down when all of a sudden the perfect name came to me. It is so perfect!!

"Inspired By SKYLA"

Let me know what you think???

Now just gotta come up with a design for the tag. My lovely friend Kate all the way from America is gonna help me to design it. I cant wait to see what you come up with hun, xxx

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pre Op!!

Well today i had my pre admission appointment at Sydney Hospital. I had my dad come with me so he could watch J whilst i went in. (Thanks dad) We had to leave early because of all the morning traffic. Anyways we got there about 50min early. Better to be early than late i say :) I wasn't sure if we would get a park so dad would have just dropped me off if that was the case. I knew there would be a car park but was hoping it wouldn't be expensive. We get to the car park and drive in expecting the parking fees to be about $20 for up to four hours but instead i see- are you ready for this!!! $7 for half an hour - $18 for 1 hour - $36 for 2 and get this - $60 friggen dollars for 3 hours or more!! What a bloody rip off.... So i drove straight back out the exit gate. There was no way in hell i was going to pay that kind of money. I knew id be there a little while and i couldn't afford that!! Or even if i could i WOULD NOT pay that much for parking. Luckily as soon as i drove out i fluked one right out the front in a 4hr meter pay car space. Only $6 per hour.. So i put in $18 just to be safe. I went to my appointment and dad took J to the park. They even got a glimpse of the big cruise ship that hit Sydney Harbour this morning. Dad said it was HUGE.  I get to my appointment and they send me down for an xray. The radiologist asks me how long ive had the screw in my wrist. I tell him 10years and he says OMG it looks like its fallen apart!! WHAT!! Gee no wonder why my wrist hurts so much. Anyhow back up to the appointment i go. She checks my heart goes through my story of how my hand hurt etc.  I say i have two boys 1 1/2 and 10yrs . She then asks about previous surgerys i had and i mention my 2 c sections . One in 07 and the other 09. She then clicks on that one of my children must have died. Just what i wanted. Having to tell Skyla's story. I could see her eyes had tears in them. I was keeping it together until she put her hand on my leg and says I'm sorry. It must be so hard!! :( I hate having to tell her story. Its too hard. Back to my hand - OK its then decided they send me back down for a CT scan on my hand. I also have this little ball type thingy in my thumb so he asks for an xray on that too. Before they sent me back down they discussed the plan for Monday. I have to be there 7am. They will take the old screw out and put a new one in. I may need a bone graft from my hip but first they will see if they can get a graft from another part in my wrist. If not they might try from the top side of my wrist and leave the hip as last resort.. Not looking forward to this one little bit :(  I'm a bit scared now. LOL I want it done. Ive waited over a year to have it done but am getting nervous now. Hopefully all will work out fine. I guess ill find out Monday morning. Oh i forgot to mention that all the interns etc or whatever you call them are all very interested in my case and they are all fighting over who's gonna be in there as my case is so interesting to them. I think this is a bad thing!! A little nervous now. I got my wrist first operated on in 2001. It was a scaphoid fracture and get this. It has never healed. My bones should be together but they are still separated very badly so in other words the first op didn't work and i still have a fractured wrist 10yrs later. Hopefully this time it will work. Well wish me luck!! Monday is D Day!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Fabric flower

I went to spotlight today to pick up some material for a new flower head band i wanted to try. I saw lots of gorgeous pics on the net last night and they inspired me to try to make a flower from scratch. This is what i came up with. I hope you like it. Let me know what ya think?

I have no little girls to try it on so this teddy just had to do... I hope you like them!! I got enough material to make a fair few over the next few days. I really like how it turned out that i might even go get some more material in a few different colours after i pick B up from school today.  Can you guess what ill be making over the next few days :)

Only 1 1/2 weeks to my operation on my wrist. As much as i am wanting to get it over and done with i am really dreading it!! I wont be able to do anything at all.  I might try and cut out heaps of petals in different sizes and colours so that all i have to do is glue them together. I'm hoping i can at least do that whilst recovering. I hope!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A t-shirt for Jai

I got this idea from over at Sarah's Blog. So easy and so cute. I found this cute little skull iron on and some letters from Lincraft and picked up a cheap t shirt from Kmart and personalised it by just ironing it on. How cute and easy is it!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Tutus

Well i made two more tutus today. A purple and pink one and a pink, purple, yellow and blue one. I think the 4 coloured one is my favourite now. Hope you like them!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Little Project

Well as i mentioned in my first blog post that i was waiting on some tulle to arrive from America. Well it arrived tonight. I was starting to think that it was lost in the mail or something.

Tonight i got started on my little project to make my first Tutu. I went with blue and yellow. I think it turned out ok for my first go at making one. What do you think??

Okay so its not the greatest, LOL but i tried. I bought 12 rolls of tulle and with this tutu i used 2. So that gives me 5 more to make. I'm gonna try make a few more before my hand operation at the end of the month.  I ended up trying this tutu with an added flower. It looks ok i think. B said it looked good. So for my first go at making a tutu I'm pretty happy with it. If you happen to stop by my page let me know what you think, thanks.

Friday, February 4, 2011

New teacher and soccer registration

Well today B finally got put into his Year 6 class. He didnt end up getting the teacher he wanted but he did get his 2nd favourite. The best thing about this is that he has pretty much all his mates in his class. Although this may end up being a bad thing. They might just muck up in class. We will soon see anyway.

In the morning we are off to soccer registration with Rockdale City Suns. I am glad he is playing soccer again this year but the amount of money we have to pay for soccer registration is huge. (A$220) Last year it was ($180) I have to admit they do get alot for it though. It just comes at a bad time with school starting, text books, fees etc. Thankfully B's dad is paying half of rego. With rego they get uniform, jumper, spray jacket, something else but cant think of what it is and includes photos. Oh and they get a training session with some professionals or something so its pretty good i guess. Just alot of money all at once!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not much been happening  over the last few days. B is enjoying his first week of year 6. Still waiting to find out which teacher he has. They are still in classes from last year. I hate how they dont go straight into their new classes. Hopefully he will find out who he has tomorrow. He is hoping he gets Mr D!!

It has been so stinking hot these last few days. Having so much trouble sleeping at night. This house is like an oven. Don't have air con so its just up to the fans but realistically they don't do much. Its been in the 30 degree plus all week. Even at midnight its still so hot.  After  me and J dropped B off at school we took of to the local pools. We got there early so we had the little pool all to ourselves. It was nice, especially when we got visited by a butterfly. I know this may sound strange to you all but when i see a butterfly i like to think of it as my daughter Skyla who is in heaven. This butterfly hang around us for a few minutes. That's why i think it was my little girl. I have had a few signs that i think are from her. I have to believe its her. Its my only way to get by. Later that night i noticed J had a nasty rash near his nappy and on his arms. The one near his nappy looked like a chemical burn. It was really bad. Anyway turns out its just from his nappy rubbing and all this heat!! We went to the Drs next morning and gave him some sudo cream and some sigmacort. I mix the 2 together. Hopefully it will be cleared up very soon. It really hurts him.

I have been thinking of all my friends, family and everyone really who are in QLD as they last night were hit by Cyclone Yasi. It is devastating. Last month they were struck by severe flooding causing so much destruction and deaths of too many people then to be hit by a cyclone. These poor people have been through way too much. Cyclone Yasi was a category 5. Luckily no body is missing or killed.

Made some more flowers today. Got a few bits and pieces from Lincraft. Whilst there i bought 3 comforters. Not that i needed them but they were just way to cheap to pass up. Only $12 each. I got a double Mickey mouse, single Scooby doo and a nice printed pattern in double.

Made some more flowers again today. Going to turn them into clips and head bands. You could even attach them to bags etc. They are so cute. I just wish i had my little girl here to wear them. She would have looked so beautiful in them. People ask me why I'm making them when i don't even have a little girl anymore. To be honest i don't know why i am. I was just looking for something crafty to do at home and thought these could be a great idea. Maybe one day once I've made heaps ill try out a market or something and see how they go. I posted a few pics on FB and my friends love them. I got people in the US and UK wanting them. Funny thing is im in Australia. I would love to sell but at the moment ill just be trying to make lots. I have so many ideas going through my head that i want to make. I cant wait til my hand is operated on and all better. I got lots of ideas for babies, little girls and boys. I cant wait to make them all.