Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not much been happening  over the last few days. B is enjoying his first week of year 6. Still waiting to find out which teacher he has. They are still in classes from last year. I hate how they dont go straight into their new classes. Hopefully he will find out who he has tomorrow. He is hoping he gets Mr D!!

It has been so stinking hot these last few days. Having so much trouble sleeping at night. This house is like an oven. Don't have air con so its just up to the fans but realistically they don't do much. Its been in the 30 degree plus all week. Even at midnight its still so hot.  After  me and J dropped B off at school we took of to the local pools. We got there early so we had the little pool all to ourselves. It was nice, especially when we got visited by a butterfly. I know this may sound strange to you all but when i see a butterfly i like to think of it as my daughter Skyla who is in heaven. This butterfly hang around us for a few minutes. That's why i think it was my little girl. I have had a few signs that i think are from her. I have to believe its her. Its my only way to get by. Later that night i noticed J had a nasty rash near his nappy and on his arms. The one near his nappy looked like a chemical burn. It was really bad. Anyway turns out its just from his nappy rubbing and all this heat!! We went to the Drs next morning and gave him some sudo cream and some sigmacort. I mix the 2 together. Hopefully it will be cleared up very soon. It really hurts him.

I have been thinking of all my friends, family and everyone really who are in QLD as they last night were hit by Cyclone Yasi. It is devastating. Last month they were struck by severe flooding causing so much destruction and deaths of too many people then to be hit by a cyclone. These poor people have been through way too much. Cyclone Yasi was a category 5. Luckily no body is missing or killed.

Made some more flowers today. Got a few bits and pieces from Lincraft. Whilst there i bought 3 comforters. Not that i needed them but they were just way to cheap to pass up. Only $12 each. I got a double Mickey mouse, single Scooby doo and a nice printed pattern in double.

Made some more flowers again today. Going to turn them into clips and head bands. You could even attach them to bags etc. They are so cute. I just wish i had my little girl here to wear them. She would have looked so beautiful in them. People ask me why I'm making them when i don't even have a little girl anymore. To be honest i don't know why i am. I was just looking for something crafty to do at home and thought these could be a great idea. Maybe one day once I've made heaps ill try out a market or something and see how they go. I posted a few pics on FB and my friends love them. I got people in the US and UK wanting them. Funny thing is im in Australia. I would love to sell but at the moment ill just be trying to make lots. I have so many ideas going through my head that i want to make. I cant wait til my hand is operated on and all better. I got lots of ideas for babies, little girls and boys. I cant wait to make them all.

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