Saturday, April 16, 2011

My First Creation :)

Well i finally got my new sewing machine and i love it!! I decided my first creation i was going to attempt to make a little monster softy for my little monster at home :) It turned out pretty well considering i think the last time i used a sewing machine i was probably about 14yrs old. I love it!! Master J loves it too. Not bad for my first go.

I also saw a butterfly clip on my friends FB page and attempted to make one. I put the clip on the wrong way but it still looks good. Hehehe.

I have also been trying to make a few more hair clips. Here are a couple of the ones i made over the weekend but most are ones i made before.

I don't really have a spot for my crafts and sewing machine. I was using my dining table but i decided i wanted another space to do it on so i set up another table in my dining room. Lucky i have a bit of space. Don't mind the Xmas tablecloth. It was all i could find. Now i have a nice little craft table to work at :)

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  1. I like your stuffed toy! I looove making stuffed little critters... x